Sorted by Outcome Date
Case Name Issue Docket Number USCLC Involvement SG Involvement Oral Argument Date Vote Majority Opinion
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP v. Laurent Benefits & Compensation 15-638 Petitioner None Cert. Denied
Johnson & Johnson and McNeil-PPC, Inc. v. Reckis Federal Preemption, Products Liability 15-449 Petitioner Respondent Cert. Denied
Nestle U.S.A., Inc. v. Doe I (II) Foreign Affairs & International Commerce 15-349 Petitioner None Cert. Denied
Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. v. South Carolina, ex rel. Wilson Federal Preemption, Free Speech, Overcriminalization 15-600 Petitioner None Cert. Denied
Energy and Environment Legal Institute v. Epel Administrative Law & Regulatory Litigation, Energy & Environment 15-471 Petitioner None Cert. Denied
Embarq Corporation, et al. v. Fulghum, et al. Benefits & Compensation 15-244 Petitioner None Cert. Denied
Hambleton v. Washington Department of Revenue Jurisdiction & Procedure, Taxation 14-1436 Petitioner None Cert. Denied
Quicken Loans Inc. v. Brown Punitive, Exemplary, & 14-1191 Petitioner None Cert. Denied
Anadarko Petroleum Corp. v. United States Energy & Environment 14-1167 Petitioner Respondent Cert. Denied
BP Production & Exploration, Inc. v. United States Energy & Environment 14-1217 Petitioner Respondent Cert. Denied
Ford Motor Co. v. U.S. (II) Jurisdiction & Procedure, Taxation 14-1085 Petitioner Respondent Cert. Denied
Allstate Insurance Company v. Jack Jimenez Class Actions 14-910 Petitioner None Cert. Denied
U.S Legal Services Group v. Atalese Arbitration & Alternative Dispute Resolution 14-882 Petitioner Cert. Denied
Purdue Pharma v. U.S. ex rel. May Government Contracts 13-1162 Petitioner None Cert. Denied
PhRMA v. County of Alameda, California General Business 14-751 Petitioner Neither Party Cert. Denied
American Cyanamid Co., et al., v. Ernest Gibson Products Liability 14-849 Petitioner None Cert. Denied
Penske Logistics, LLC v. Dilts Employment, Federal Preemption, Labor Relations 14-801 Petitioner None Cert. Denied
Carpenter Co., et al. v. Ace Foam Inc., et al. Class Actions, General Business 14-577 Petitioner None Cert. Denied
The Rawlings Company, LLC, et al. v. Wurtz et al. Benefits & Compensation 14-487 Petitioner Cert. Denied
State Water Contractors v. Jewell Energy & Environment 14-402 Petitioner None Cert. Denied
SQM North America Corporation v. City of Pomona General Business 14-297 Petitioner None Cert. Denied
BP Exploration & Production Inc., et al. v. Lake Eugenie Land & Development, Inc., et al. 'No Injury' Class Actions, Class Actions 14-123 Petitioner None Cert. Denied
WorldCom, Inc. v. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) General Business, Taxation 13-1269 Petitioner Respondent Cert. Denied
Gosselin World Wide Moving, N.V. v. U.S. ex rel Bunk Government Contracts 13-1399 Petitioner Cert. Denied
Rocky Mountain Farmers Union et al. v. Corey Energy & Environment 13-1148, 13-1149 Petitioner Cert. Denied
Peri & Sons Farms, Inc. v. Rivera Benefits & Compensation 13-950 Petitioner None Cert. Denied
WFC Holdings Corporation v. United States Taxation 13-1037 Petitioner Cert. Denied
Accenture, LLP v. Wellogix, Inc. General Business, Products Liability 13-1051 Petitioner Cert. Denied
GenOn Power Midwest v. Bell et. al Energy & Environment 13-1013 Petitioner None Cert. Denied
Allstate v. Jacobsen Class Actions 13-916 Petitioner Cert. Denied
US Foods v. Catholic HealthCare West Class Actions 13-873 Petitioner None Cert. Denied
Exxon Mobil v. New York City Energy & Environment 13-842 Petitioner None Cert. Denied
Mingo Logan Coal Co. v. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrative Law & Regulatory Litigation, Energy & Environment 13-599 Petitioner Cert. Denied
Strine v. Delaware Coalition for Open Government Arbitration & Alternative Dispute Resolution 13-869 Petitioner Cert. Denied
First National Bank of Wahoo and Mutual First Federal Credit Union v. Charvat 'No Injury' Class Actions, Class Actions 13-679 Petitioner None Cert. Denied
Sears, Roebuck and Co. v. Butler (II) Class Actions, Products Liability 13-430 Petitioner Cert. Denied
Whirlpool Corp. v. Glazer (II) Class Actions, Products Liability 13-431 Petitioner Cert. Denied
McLane Southern, Inc. v. Cynthia Bridges, Secretary of the Department of Revenue, State of Louisiana Taxation 13-657 Petitioner None Cert. Denied
MHC Financing Limited Partnership, et al. v. City of San Rafael, et al. Administrative Law & Regulatory Litigation, General Business 13-288 Petitioner None Cert. Denied
Novo Nordisk A/S v. Lukas-Werner Jurisdiction & Procedure 13-214 Petitioner Cert. Denied
Cintas v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Employment 12-1347 Petitioner None Cert. Denied
Philip Morris USA Inc., et al. v. Douglas Jurisdiction & Procedure 13-191 Petitioner None Cert. Denied
Allison Engine Co. v. United States ex rel Sanders Government Contracts 12-1057 Petitioner Respondent Cert. Denied
Grocery Manufacturers Assoc. v. EPA Jurisdiction & Procedure 12-1055 and 12-1167 Petitioner None Cert. Denied
Ralphs Grocery Co. v. United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 8 Free Speech, Labor Relations 12-1162 Petitioner Cert. Denied
American Independence Mines and Minerals Co. v. Department of Agriculture Administrative Law & Regulatory Litigation, Energy & Environment, Jurisdiction & Procedure 12-935 Petitioner None Cert. Denied
United Air Lines, Inc. v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Employment 12-707 Petitioner Respondent Cert. Denied
Zurn Pex, Inc., et al. v. Cox, et al. Class Actions 11-740 Petitioner None Cert. Denied
Cassens Transport Co., et al., v. Brown Benefits & Compensation 12-622 Petitioner None Cert. Denied
Goldman Sachs & Co. v. NECA-IBEW Health & Welfare Fund Jurisdiction & Procedure, Securities Law, Capital Markets, & Corporate Governance 12-528 Petitioner None Cert. Denied