The U.S. Supreme Court grants certiorari (or agrees to hear) a limited number of cases each year. The following are cases that NCLC has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review. The U.S. Supreme Court has not decided yet whether to hear these lawsuits. The cases are listed alphabetically.

Sorted Alphabetically
Case Name Issue Docket Number USCLC Involvement SG Involvement Oral Argument Date Vote Majority Opinion
Allstate Insurance Company v. Jack Jimenez Class Actions 14-910 Petitioner None Cert. Pending
Dow Chemical Company v. Industrial Polymers et al. Antitrust & Competition Law, Class Actions 14-1091 Petitioner None Cert. Pending
Ford Motor Co. v. U.S. (II) Jurisdiction & Procedure, Taxation 14-1085 Petitioner Respondent Cert. Pending
Purdue Pharma v. U.S. ex rel. May Government Contracts 13-1162 Petitioner Cert. Pending
Quicken Loans Inc. v. Brown Punitive, Exemplary, & 14-1191 Petitioner None Cert. Pending
Self-Insurance Institute of America v. Snyder, Governor of Michigan, et al. Benefits & Compensation 14-741 Petitioner None Cert. Pending
Tyson Foods, Inc. v. Bouaphakeo, et al. Wage & Hour, Benefits & Compensation, Class Actions 14-1146 Petitioner None Cert. Pending
U.S Legal Services Group v. Atalese Arbitration & Alternative Dispute Resolution 14-882 Petitioner Cert. Pending
Wal-Mart et al. v. Braun, Hummel, et al. Wage & Hour, Benefits & Compensation, Class Actions 14-1123 & 14-1124 Petitioner Neither Party Cert. Pending
Wells Fargo Bank v. Gutierrez, et al. Class Actions 14-1230 Petitioner None Cert. Pending