Chamber of Commerce, et al. v. National Labor Relations Board

U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit

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Procedural History

NLRB opening brief filed with the DC Circuit on 11/16/12.  NCLC's reply brief filed 12/31/12.  Board's Reply filed 1/16/13.

Complaint filed 12/20/2011. Amended complaint filed 2/3/2012. Cross-motions for summary judgment filed 2/3/2012. Decided 5/14/2012.  NLRB's Motion to Amend the Judgment filed 6/11/12.  Plaintiffs' Response to NLRB's Motion to Amend Judgment filed 6/27/12. NLRB's reply filed 7/9/12. Motion to Amend Rejected 7/27/12.  NLRB filed Notice of Appeal on 8/7/12.

Chamber 28j letter filed 1/30/12. Case removed from oral argument calendar and held in abeyance (2/19/13).

Stipulation of Voluntary Dismissal filed 12/9/13.

Case Documents